Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Christmas Advent Calendar & Gingerbread Man

Last week I found this neat idea on another blog for an advent calendar out of things you already have in your home. The kids had so much fun putting this together. I will admit that it took me some time cutting 24 lunch size paper sacks though! The backing is 3 grocery sacks and the kids go to decorate them however they liked. We have cut outs from magazines, coloring book pages, a traced hand print and Kate made the 24th day a special one. She drew a Christmas wreath and then drew Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the middle, since it is Jesus' birthday you know! ;) Every day we are reading the Bible and from the book I have for the advent calendar and then they get some sort of special prize. So far we have had M & M's, Mini Hershey's, Hot Chocolate, (at this point they thought it would be all food), reading Christmas books, making our gingerbread man, tonight was popcorn and a Christmas movie. Later this week we are going to do more outings for Christmas events in the area. Today I ask them to see if they remembered why we have the advent calendar and why we are doing this. Amazing, they knew it was for the birth of Jesus! Kate is going to be Mary in their school play, so when I ask who Mary was from the Bible, she said, "Me!"

Decorating the Gingerbread Man
Yummy! Too bad they didn't eat it all, I keep snacking on it!

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