Sunday, April 6, 2014

We went to the Circus!

We went to the Shrine Circus a few weeks ago and had so much fun! It was our first circus! The kids loved it and so did I! We got to see tigers, elephants, camels, a dog show, ladies climbing robes & swinging. These guys jumping rope, I know sounds normal, but it was so much more. Another group doing more gymnastics moves. Guys motor crossing , (loud but good), AND the man was shot out of the cannon! It was worth it! Go to the Circus! 

Tips I learned: 1. The "free" ticket they all received from school was not really "free". That's ok, we still had fun, but they told us that section was full, so their tickets were 1/2 off. When we got in there that section was NOT full. Just an FYI. 
2. During intermission they opened up the floor to kids & parents to ride elephants, camels, have your picture taken with a big snake, pony rides. etc. This is NOT the end of it! Don't leave! 
3. Go ahead and buy the light up toys. We didn't, but I think the kids would have had a great time playing with them through the event. 
4. Might want to plan on going to an early show. We went at 7:30 and were not out until 11:00!!

 We love Cotton Candy!

 Motor Crossing
 Ladies on Ropes & Swings

 See the clowns lined up? You can't see the guy, but he JUMPED over all of them!