Friday, September 28, 2012

Beach and Birthdays

In May we went to Gulf Shores. The weather was wonderful! It was not miserably hot yet!!
The ocean, notice no waves?!?! Just one day, but it was perfect for the kids to adjust to it.

4th of July
Caroline's birthday
We celebrated at Metroplex Gymnastics for all 3 of them this year since they are only one week apart. Everyone got to pick out their own cake for their actual birthday this year.


Little behind on my updates! I am pregnant with baby #4! Hannah Marie will / should arrive on October 23rd. 3 1/2 weeks to go and she will be here! We are so excited and can't wait to meet her. We thank God for this blessing! The kids CANNOT WAIT! This picture was taken in June, so I have grown some since then!

Italy February 2012

Better late than never right? I went with Brent in Feb. to Padova, Italy on one of his many business trips  there this year.  Ok,  he has really only traveled about 4 times this year I think, but it feels like A LOT to me! Between Italy, Germany, England, China and multiple trips to Ireland it is quite a bit for someone that stays at  home like me. ;) My friend Shannon met us there, so we were able to go sight seeing and traveling while Brent and Sean were at work. Shannon's husband was nice enough to let her go alone while he stayed home working and helping with kids! We stayed in Padova, but took the train to Venice several days. It took about 15 min. with the fast train. I got to travel alone to Venice one day before Shannon arrived, which made me a little nervous since English is not the primary language spoken.  I did make it there and back though!

 Eating out at a pizza place in Padova.
 Train ride back to Padova after our day in Venice, they have a big festival similar to Mardi Gras.
Leather district in Florence. We also went to Rome for a day trip. We could have spend days just in Rome!

I have more pictures somewhere, if I can find them! We got a new computer a few months ago and I am STILL learning how to use this thing! Hopefully I can catch up on all of our news from this year!!