Wednesday, July 14, 2010

San Antonio Vacation

Last week we took our first family vacation. We left Monday and came home Friday, which was the perfect amount of time to be away from home on a real vacation. :) We went through a drive thru safari on the way down there which the kids loved. Then Tuesday we did Sea World all day. All of the shows and fun stuff for the kids, Wed. was Sea World again, but the water park side of it. Thursday we were going to go to the zoo, but it rained, so we did the Children's Museum and then another museum that had a dinosaur exhibit going on and after that we got to drive by the zoo and still got to ride a train.

This is how close the animals got to the car!
Mason feeding a goat. I was surprised that he was not scared of them. We tried the same thing earlier this year, with fenced in animals and he would not do it.
Pappy, Della and Kate.

Entrance to Sea World. After waiting in line for tickets we were ALL HOT!
My one vacation pic! It was so bright outside it was hard to do anything without the sunglasses on. Luckily I just took them off for the picture.

Caroline "fishing" while M & K went on the kids roller coaster.
She won a pet gator. :)
Pappy, Kate, Daddy and Mason on the coaster. Kate wanted to go again! I think she is the adventurous one!

4 D movie. It was neat, but the kids freaked out in parts of it. I would not recommend for children this age. Of course they don't tell you that until you are in there! :)
Getting ready for the Azul show to start.
Caroline and Kate at the Children's Museum.
They had fun on the plane in the museum. They were all concerned with buckling up!
They also had a fake HEB grocery store and the kids got to shop and check out. All of the kids were going crazy in there!

Train ride outside of the zoo. This was really fun and not an expensive to do!