Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Caroline's 3rd Birthday

Caroline turned 3 on Friday, July 15th and her party was at our house on the 16th with all of her friends. We started the morning with blueberry muffins and a candle. I did spend a lot of her birthday working on her cake and getting everything together for the party. We did go to the mall and the Disney store for something Minnie Mouse of course! (That was the party theme.) Later Friday I had just finished her cake and she came in the other room with black lips, she just tried it out in a few spots! So, back to fix the once finished cake, supper, cake time and then opening of the presents!

Caroline's morning birthday muffin.
Caroline after she got into the cake!!
They all LOVE this Mickey umbrella. Who would have guessed an umbrella would be such a good gift?!
Caroline and her birthday shirt.
Getting ready for cake.
Blowing out the candles.
I love all of the facial expressions from the presents!

Pin the flower on Minnie Mouse at the party on Saturday.
The Minnie Cake! (Cupcakes)
Happy Birthday Caroline!
Hard to tell from the picture, but I cut out Mickey shaped ice cream for the kids.

Party craft time!
Opening presents!
Caroline with her friend Cali.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Headed back to LA & 4th of July

Headed back to LA from Gulf Shores we decided to stop in Vicksburg at the Battlefields. Kate and I climbed this hill to get her picture. It was fun, but so HOT! Since everyone I grew up with has been to the battlefields we thought they needed to experience it. I have to admit it is much more interesting as an adult than it was growing up!

Daddy & Kids on Cairo.
This reminds me of a true vacation picture. It was so hot & bright outside they could not see! It was fun to stop and look at the Mississippi River. They did enjoy stopping to check out.
4th of July at Wayne and Cathy's (Mason on the porch at the pea patch.)
Kate loved this dog!

Caroline found a chair just her size! I am pretty sure this was Melanie's, since I remember it when I was little too!
Tea party in the pool anyone?
I guess you cannot have enough floaties can you?!
Cutting watermelon! YUMMY!

2nd Half of Vacation

Kate was in the Peach Parade for the Princess Peach Pageant. She LOVED throwing candy so much that towards the end she was throwing it over the front of the car. Every year since I was little we have gone to the parade and then to my great grandmother's house, (now my sister's) to eat and go to the Civic Center. It is always fun to swing and watch everyone walk by.

We left at 6:00 am to go to Gulf Shores. I was impressed that we were actually the door in the car by 6:1o! We had a great time, the kids loved the beach and the pool. Lots of firsts on this trip, the beach, a trip to Alabama, putt putt golf and air hockey! They loved building sand castles and looking for sea shells. I don't have tons of beach pictures. I just could not make myself take the good camera on the beach. I still have sand in my car keys!

Smiles even early in the morning!
Putt putt with Della.

Caroline on the beach.
Mason & Caroline.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First half of our Vacation

We had so much fun in Louisiana! Going to the Peach Festival plus we got to see ALL of our family, celebrate my birthday with everyone and Mason & Kate participated VBS at Temple. While the kids went to VBS I came back out to Dallas with my mom for the Gift Market for her store, then back to LA and on to Gulf Shores! More pictures to come!

I am still trying to go back to normal routine here. The day after we got back we moved Caroline into a big girl bed and Mason moved into his own room and Kate has a room to herself. Lots of moving and changing. So far it has been great and I think it was just the right time for everyone to transition. Yea!

Kate, Lydia, Beau, Caroline & Mason
Can you guess how many pictures you have to take of 5 kids to get one good one? HA!
Kate petting Little Bit in the window at the station. She loves this cat. Too bad I am allergic. :)
Birthday party at Lusiana Traditions.
Yea! Lets eat cake!
Mason, Me, Caroline, Kate, PawPaw & Daddy Money - Yes, that is what we call my grandfather :)
The Kids performance at Temple. Kate loves to sing so this was right up her alley.
Kate trying to cover Mason's mouth. My guess is that he was not really trying to sing the song properly. Hum, I think voice lessons are in our future for Kate. We really live in a musical she sings so much. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ruston Princess Peach Pageant

This year Kate was in the Ruston, Louisiana Princess Peach Pageant. Contestant #3. My sister and I both did this when we were little and thought it would be fun for her. She had a great time meeting new friends, going to the ice cream social, walking on stage, doing a "dance" and the peach parade was the best part of course.

Kate after the ice cream social at the Lincoln Parish Museum.
Run through for the pageant.
Flowers in Ruston before the pageant.
Brother giving her good luck hugs.

All of the girls involved in the pageant. Kate is the 3rd from the right.
Victory M&M's from Mawmaw and Pawpaw!
Kate in the parade.