Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Headed back to LA & 4th of July

Headed back to LA from Gulf Shores we decided to stop in Vicksburg at the Battlefields. Kate and I climbed this hill to get her picture. It was fun, but so HOT! Since everyone I grew up with has been to the battlefields we thought they needed to experience it. I have to admit it is much more interesting as an adult than it was growing up!

Daddy & Kids on Cairo.
This reminds me of a true vacation picture. It was so hot & bright outside they could not see! It was fun to stop and look at the Mississippi River. They did enjoy stopping to check out.
4th of July at Wayne and Cathy's (Mason on the porch at the pea patch.)
Kate loved this dog!

Caroline found a chair just her size! I am pretty sure this was Melanie's, since I remember it when I was little too!
Tea party in the pool anyone?
I guess you cannot have enough floaties can you?!
Cutting watermelon! YUMMY!

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