Monday, June 6, 2011

Ft. Worth Trip & Rangers Game

The last weekend of May we had a lot of firsts. We went to cousin Michaela's 1st birthday. M, K, & C were the helpers showing her how to open the presents. Then we went to the Ft. Worth Zoo for the 1st time. It was hot, but a great zoo. Clean & lots to see! On Sunday we took the kids to their 1st Rangers game. We were at the TOP of the stadium, but it was so hot, the cool breeze was great! We made it to the very end of the game too. (I was not sure how the kids would handle it.) Also, had their 1st cotton candy there. None of them liked it at first, but Kate got into it when we came home. She is definitely my child, b/c I love cotton candy!

Michaela's 1st Birthday.
Mason studying the map before we enter the zoo.
One hot group picture. (Should have packed more water!)
In line for the train.Train ride with Daddy.
Rangers Game!