Saturday, July 9, 2011

First half of our Vacation

We had so much fun in Louisiana! Going to the Peach Festival plus we got to see ALL of our family, celebrate my birthday with everyone and Mason & Kate participated VBS at Temple. While the kids went to VBS I came back out to Dallas with my mom for the Gift Market for her store, then back to LA and on to Gulf Shores! More pictures to come!

I am still trying to go back to normal routine here. The day after we got back we moved Caroline into a big girl bed and Mason moved into his own room and Kate has a room to herself. Lots of moving and changing. So far it has been great and I think it was just the right time for everyone to transition. Yea!

Kate, Lydia, Beau, Caroline & Mason
Can you guess how many pictures you have to take of 5 kids to get one good one? HA!
Kate petting Little Bit in the window at the station. She loves this cat. Too bad I am allergic. :)
Birthday party at Lusiana Traditions.
Yea! Lets eat cake!
Mason, Me, Caroline, Kate, PawPaw & Daddy Money - Yes, that is what we call my grandfather :)
The Kids performance at Temple. Kate loves to sing so this was right up her alley.
Kate trying to cover Mason's mouth. My guess is that he was not really trying to sing the song properly. Hum, I think voice lessons are in our future for Kate. We really live in a musical she sings so much. :)

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