Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Mix of Events

Some of these pictures are actually from November, I forgot all about them on the other camera. There are a few blurry ones too, don't know what happened there! We invited some friends over in November for an early Christmas craft day. They got to make lots of ornaments and reindeer antlers, getting ready early!

The next group of pictures is from Build a Bear at the mall, this was the first of December. We really went to watch a group ice skate with Snoopy, but there were so many people we could not see. :( The balloon art was still fun though and we broke down and let them get build a bear animals instead! This will be a one time only thing! So cute, but the $$ adds up fast in that store!

The train pics are from another mall. The train set up all year long, but right now it is decorated for Christmas. They get so excited to ride it is really funny. I am just happy they will ride on it now without crying! When they were 2 they THOUGHT they wanted to ride, but got on and freaked out when it started moving. I guess at 2 they were not quite ready, kind of like the carousel!

Caroline had her Christmas party on Thurs. We got to go to chapel and see Mason & Kate perform again, then went back to her room to party! They were so cute working on crafts and decorating cookies. They ended with a book exchange. They have a sweet group of 3 year olds and great teachers!

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