Saturday, December 10, 2011

Northpark Mall Trains

We went to the Northpark Mall in Dallas on Friday. We HAVE to go see the model trains every year. Even though I think the "slides" were the biggest hit for my 3 this year. We had a great time with our friends checking out the trains, "sliding" and watching the puppet show.

Caroline was not into smiling the the train area??
Our group.
Caroline by the ducks.
The "slide". They will run up and the slide down...
Waiting for the puppet show to start.
Scrooge looking on Santa's list for Kate's name. He told her all she was going to get is socks. A pink and purple pair. At the end he ask for her again and told her he felt bad that is all she was getting and he threw an autographed picture of himself to her! I thought it was neat, she wanted to throw it away when we got home. She wasn't very happy about getting socks for Christmas. HA!
Kate at the Disney store. We don't have a neat castle at our Disney store!

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