Saturday, December 17, 2011

It is a Blessing to be able to Help Bless Others

Sunday we adopted a family though our church called Scotty's Gifts. There were 4 children ages 12-3. We just dropped off their Christmas gifts to them and to see the excitement on their faces was such a blessing by itself! The kids loved getting to do this too, from picking out toys, wanting to help wrap and then to load them up in the car! We even got to unload everything under their tree this afternoon.

Friday we had a party with some friends each bringing items for this family, instead of another cookie exchange I thought why not spend money and time on something that someone really NEEDS? We had a great time visiting and the kids playing and at the end our friend Kyla took the kids and prayed over the gifts as well. We are so blessed to have such a great group of friends! I actually forgot about the camera till the end of our get together so there are a few kiddos that did not make the picture. (Sorry about that Luke, Kate, Campbell, Peyton & Jack!)

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