Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine Entertainment Ideas (For Kids)

Since we have has so much snow and ice this past week we had to come up with some entertainment inside and out. We try to not let the kids watch any tv if at all possible. It has helped Mason tremendously with his speech and just overall attitude. Sooo, with removing shows from the options for indoor fun this is just a taste of what we have done!

Anyone remember making "stained glass" at church? Melt crayons between 2 pieces of wax paper with an iron. We made a valentine heart mobile.

You have to take the paper off the crayons first, then I just broke up the crayons, the smaller the better.
Layer in order: a towel on the ironing board, wax paper, crayons, wax paper and then another towel on top. Then apply the iron until the crayons melt.
This does take several minutes, but the kids helped peel crayon paper and loved watching the colors melt together.
After it cools, cut it into hearts.
Use a hole punch and string ribbon or yarn through it.
Voila! Your new Valentine decoration!
Would be really neat with frilly fringe instead of a ribbon. I was in shock that we even had red ribbon. I wonder what project that was left over from?!
Our creation.

After playing in the snow hot chocolate is a must. I happened to have heart marshmallows! Perfect!
Play time!
Snow Angels!
Outside fun!
Addressing Valentines for school friends.
Caroline working on her Valentine cards.

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Lea said...

April, I'm thrilled to have found your blog through Emery's blog. I'll look forward to keeping up with you, Brent and the precious children.

I hope all is well with you and yours. Sending blessings your way!