Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing Outside!

I know everyone is thrilled to be able to get out of the house for a little bit, we are for sure! This past week has consisted of playing on playgrounds at school and at home, riding bikes and even dragging out all of the toys to the backyard. Really, we had 2 buckets full of my little ponies, big horses, race cars and barbies EVERYWHERE! They thought it was fun to load them up in the back of the truck and then dump them in different spots in the yard! I have to admit that it was not fun going around with a flash light looking for all of it later on that evening. The kids enjoyed it though. Nothing like a scavenger hunt looking for toys with a flashlight!

Mason and Caroline probably spent an hour in the back of his truck enjoying their Valentine suckers. Too cute and REALLY STICKY! (Which is why they had to eat them in the yard!)

Caroline riding around after church.

Mason riding around.

Mason and Caroline painting. Mason and Kate had donuts with dad at school last week and they brought picture frames home with them. We thought we would personalize them a little bit more. And Caroline is painting a cross since her class did not do frames. I am not sure how Kate missed out on all of the pictures? Maybe next time!


jessie said...

so glad i'm not the only mom that limits suckers to outside eating!

The Gregorys said...

Jessie- Caroline and Mason both came inside with sticky hair, that is how bad it was! Yuck! :)