Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Day of School!

Since we always take pictures of the first day of "school" I thought I needed to take one of the LAST day! School is actually Mothers Day Out right now, but it is school to them! Next year Mason & Kate officially start preschool and Caroline will start a Mothers Day Out program. They were able to go to school in their swimsuits today. Kate was so excited she woke me up already dressed ready to go!

We also had our meeting today with Mason's school for speech and apparently his hard work and lack of TV have paid off! They are dismissing him from one of the two classes he was in and they think that he might not even need to be in that class much longer! Wow! I did not expect that type of result at all! Hopefully we can work hard this Summer and be done with it, even though he loves going!

Not the best pictures, but these are the reactions I got today.

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