Monday, May 3, 2010

Kentucky Derby Day Party

I think we will make this an annual party at our house! We have not done this much cooking in awhile. Everything was out of Southern Living magazine or the new Southern Living Homestyle Cooking Cookbook. Ham and biscuit's with chives and butter, 7 layer buttermilk cornbread salad, shrimp and grits and peach pecan cobbler. YUM! The only thing we might add to the list for next year would be hats! Just a good excuse to go buy a new hat right?!

Salad and Peach Cobbler. (Shrimp and Grits were on the stove.)
Mommy and Kate
Me with the girls. It is rare these days that I get my picture taken with any of them. I am always the photographer!
Mason Man
Caroline looked so cute in her white dress I had to take pictures of her after church. She was the only one willing to let me take photos!
Another day this past week. My mom made the pants and her monogram lady made the shirts for the girls. This is another outfit I love, so I had to take pictures of this one too!
Caroline in the grass. She is so good about sitting down and smiling for the camera!

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