Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Go Higher

I hear the words "Go higher!" EVERY TIME I push someone on a swing. Since the weather has been so warm, not necessarily nice, we have been outside a lot! It does help to get out of the house and go swing or let them ride their scooters and other toys in the driveway. This has been a huge help to me for Mason. If you don't know, he has been in speech classes this year to help him with language and articulation. As of a month and a half ago I have completely cut TV out of his "play" time. It is like he is a different child! He follows instructions better, answers questions, helps out with his sisters more often. It is amazing! I just wish I had done this sooner. It is hard to not just turn it on for one quick show, but I am treating it like an addiction, for him and me! If I turn it on just once I know he will ask for it all the time. His teachers at school say they have seen a difference as well. We have a few more messes to clean up throughout the day, since I don't have an instant babysitter when needed, but I think it is worth it.
Mason swinging, and most likely telling me to push him higher!
Caroline is new to this swing. Sometimes she wants to do just what the big kids are doing.

Kate is the wild one that wants to stand on the swing and be pushed or tries to do this while it is going. I don't recommend this, nor do I allow it, but she still tries. :)
Mason & Kate with their new folding chairs. I had no idea they were going to be such a hit, but they love them! I had to go back and get one for Caroline too!
I think this is just a good picture of Mason. Not sure if it is the black Saints shirt or the orange camo hat that make him look so good! Haha!


Marcy said...

Cute pics...I'm ready for the wind to die down too. Glad Mason is progressing...I'm big on limiting TV too...Lincoln doesn't get it everyday, and if he does, it's never more than 15-20 minutes. He doesn't even know what he is missing. Good for you, Mom!!! It's hard, but looks like it is paying off.

The Gregorys said...

Thanks Marcy! Good for you too!