Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trip to Louisiana

We had a great week in Louisiana. Got to see all of the grandparents, cousins, aunts and friends. We were there for the week for swimming lessons, which the twins loved. Mason and Kate are ready to go back for more! Going back to the same pool where I had lessons growing up was neat. Ok, well it really made me feel old. :) MawMaw and PawPaw bought a swing set for their house and the kids loved it. Their feet actually touch the ground on this one, so they could push off some. We got to go to church on Sunday with Della and Pappy, then lunch with MawMaw and PawPaw and the great grandfathers Pop and Daddy Money! We also got to try out the slip and slide for the first time and ride 4 wheelers of course. We had a day trip to Monroe to visit our other cousins, trying out a trampoline for the first time. And Kate had her first sleep over with her cousin Lydia at Della's house. We also had lots of playground time and extra pool time to practice as well.
MawMaw and Mason.
PawPaw, Kate and Caroline. Can you tell they were having fun?
Caroline and Kate posing for the camera after church.
An attempt to get me with the kids. This is one of the better shots!
Slip and slide time!

Playing at the playground with cousin Lydia.
Caroline sleeping on Della at the pool while the others got to take a dip in the pool.
Icee Time! Nothing like an Icee at the pool!
Last day of swimming lessons for Kate!
Last day for Mason!
Mason & Kate with their teachers.
John, Kate, Mason, PawPaw and Caroline posing on the 4-wheelers!

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