Sunday, June 20, 2010

Little Ballerina

Kate is so excited to start ballet class on Wednesday. We went out today and got the leotard, tights and shoes. Now, if we can just keep it clean until Wednesday that will be amazing! She wants to wear it all day. :) We have had a busy weekend. Two birthday parties yesterday, Father's Day today and my birthday is tomorrow! Good thing we like sweets in this house! I tried to convince Brent that we needed a cookie cake for Father's Day for him, but he said he would be ok without it. I was really thinking it was another excuse to get more cake right?!

Ballerina Kate
Caroline taking a "nap" with her dolls.


The Tylers said...

Darling! Cannot wait until LG starts taking dance! Happy Birthday April!

Marcy said...

Very Cute. It was fun seeing you guys today...usually we have such a huge group, so it was nice to see you and your kiddos!

jessie said...

love it! i danced for 13 years and have been waiting for this day since olivia was born! she's going to love it!