Saturday, March 14, 2009


I think Kate & Caroline have decided to share toys at our house. Here are a few pictures of Caroline playing with Kate's dollhouse and Kate in Caroline's swing! Mason also shares his train set with both sisters. I am so glad I can add pictures today. My camera has not wanted to upload to the computer. Only other exciting event that has happened is my car will be in the shop this week. :( A skill saw fell on the hood in our garage last week. I am just thanking God that no one was hurt! It will be interesting loading up 3 kids in Brent's car for a few days!

I think she was trying to avoid the flash!

Mason focused on the train.

Humm, I think we are too big for this?

Caroilne thought the swing for the dollhouse was a good trade!


Tyler, Kim, & Rachel said...

aww what loving children you have!! those are some sweet pictures of them :-)

candicebishop said...

Those are fun pictures. Caroline's smile is just captivating! So sweet!