Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun times in Louisiana!

Wow! Spring Break flew by fast! We went to Louisiana last week and played with all of the grandparents and cousins! We got to play on the playground at Della and Pappy's, go 4-wheeler riding with PawPaw and have teatime with MawMaw. Below are just a few of the pics! Several pictures at the bottom were taken for my Mother's shop, Lusiana Traditions.
Check out her blog here: http://www.lusianatraditions.blogspot.com/

Kate decided she needed to have some "tea" with lunch on Sunday....

All of the 2 1/2 year old Gregory twins!!

Della and Kate.

Della and Caroline.

The girls playing together.

The boys swinging, with Aunt Carole's help.

Beau, Aunt Carole, Kate and Lydia.

We can't hear you!!

Mason LOVED the 4-wheeler. He would ride all day if we would let him.

Shop pictures.


SND said...

You have the most beautiful children in the world!!!! And aren't they lucky that they have the sweetest grandmothers in the world. Our group has enjoyed Amy running with us some. We are taking her to a 5K in Shreveport in May. We love her smile!!! Mrs. Dyson

Sarah said...

I love Caroline's bumble bee outfit!!

ddboone said...

Brent & April: Watching your 3 grow up is more fun than when I watched you! Sorry, Brent, but you were just as cute!!! Love Debbie Boone