Monday, August 8, 2011

Mason & Kate's 5th Birthday Party

Mason & Kate had a busy birthday. Sunday their party was at Pump It Up, a bounce house/slide place and Monday was their actual birthday. Then, Mason got to take a trip to Louisiana for the week! It is hard to believe they are 5 years old!
Mason & Mario or Lucas on the slide. (Twins that I can't tell apart!)
Kate with Nadia & Keira. (Again, I can't tell them apart either!)
Birthday kids with all of their friends
Even the mommies had fun! :) I think the more you weigh, the faster the slide!
Daddies playing!
Glow in the dark bouncing!
Mason with Mario & Lucas. See, which is which??
Birthday King & Queen.

Craziness of opening the presents.
M, K & C with all of their birthday surprises!

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Sarah said...

Fun times! I love the mommy slide pic! :)