Friday, April 29, 2011

Helicopter 30,000 Egg Drop

Last Saturday we went to an egg hunt at a local church. The kids loved it b/c they had a helicopter fly in and drop eggs for every age group. We will definitely have to go back next year, they are still talking about it! Saturday night we made the Easter Story cookies I mentioned in the previous post. They thought it was great too! It might work a little easier with a helper to read the Bible verses though. Trying to follow cooking instructions and flip to certain verses while holding their attention was a challenge. I think it is going to be a new tradition in our house either way, good reminder that Easter is not about the Easter Bunny.

One round of the Egg Drop.
Focused on picking up eggs!

Not interested in the camera! It was a VERY WINDY DAY!
Working on the cookies, everyone took a turn beating the pecans.

And we took a chance and ate some of the left over batter too!

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