Monday, January 24, 2011

Caroline's Day at The Dallas Market

Caroline got to join us at market today. The other two have preschool on Monday, so on Monday's Caroline has a day to herself! She was so good, for the most part. In her mind she probably sees market as candy land since most showrooms have candy everywhere. It was so funny to see what she had to say. It was mostly "I am tired of this aisle." or "Can we go ride the escalator again?". Not really the ideal place to take a child, but she handled it quite well for just one day of hard core shopping/selecting.
She just received a little something at this one showroom. She was THRILLED!
C is talking to a rep at the window in this camper. Isn't it neat?! They said this guy built it just for this showroom and had it shipped there. I would love to have seen them putting this thing in place. They did ask if she wanted to get in, she didn't hop in without permission. :)
Perfect size for Caroline!
Mawmaw and Caroline playing with silly Santa headbands. And no, we are not off season. At market you tend to buy a lot of Christmas items in January for THIS Christmas 2011! No wonder I want to listen to Christmas music all year long!

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